Saturday, October 28, 2017 | 10am - 4pm

$20 /person; $30 /couple (Lunch included)

Bill and Elaine Gibson, along with Breath of Life Prayer Ministry co-founder Annette Denny, will be sharing wisdom and insights gained from their many years of experience in various prayer ministries.

Some of the topics they will cover include:

  • a brief review of the principles of Christian counseling
  • Biblical foundation behind prayer ministry and spiritual warfare
  • definition of healing of memories, disassociation, SRA (Sataninc Ritual Abuse)
  • practical ways to initiate the healing process
  • simple ways to be involved in spiritual warfare if needed
  • demonstration of prayer ministry with a client (re-enactment)
  • how to get started in your church

The workshop will close with prayer and anointing for those called to do ministry at their Church.


Registration closes Tuesday, October 24th.

Meet the Presenters:

Bill Gibson has enjoyed various Spirit-anointed ministries as a College

professor, Pastor, District Superintendent and Church Planter. He has spoken at many camps, held special meetings and along with Elaine, his wife, has conducted Holy Spirit meetings.


Elaine Gibson

Has a prophetic ministry in which she excels in the revelation gifts. She has spoken at women's retreats, conferences, churches and along with her husband, Bill, given workshops on using the gifts of the Spirit, Prayer Ministry and Inner Healing.


Annette Denny Is the co-founder of ‘Breath of Life Prayer Ministry’.  She has spoken at Retreats, Conferences, Seminars, Women’s events and Teachers seminars for pastors and church leaders on how to minister to the broken.  Annette has enjoyed a very rewarding life ministering to those that life has been unkind to.