what we support

We believe in making a real, practical difference at home and abroad. 

These are the projects that we're currently investing time, money and resources into. 

  • Peter and cavelle dove

    Peter and Cavelle Dove are working in an Asian nation to provide every kind of support (material, spiritual and emotional) to local communities across all levels of society. Please pray for their family as they do this important work away from their familiar surroundings. 

  • Samuel drouin - UCM @ viu

    Samuel and Christina Drouin serve as the Directors of University Christian Ministries at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo. UCM is an interdenominational Christian student club at VIU with a mission to assist students in their desire to know Jesus and apply his teachings to their lives. Check out www.viu.ucmonline.ca

  • john and nancy engels - BC Campus ministries

    One of the most challenging things about life at university is that the campus can seem like a big, institutional, lonely place. University Christian Ministries is here to encourage students to belong to a Christian community. Our purpose is to establish vibrant communities of faith on post-secondary campuses within BC and the Yukon, in order to build the Church and reach our world. University Christian Ministries is a campus outreach of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada BC/Yukon district.

  • gary & kathy heinrichs

    Since arriving in Costa Rica (December 31, 2015), Gary and Kathy have worked to build relationships with local pastors, missionaries and church congregations. Their ministry goals are to reach the marginalized through local Costa Rican churches; to train, equip and encourage pastors and leaders. They also serve among local Indigenous people groups where many are open to the gospel message. The Heinrichs feel privileged to serve in Latin America.

  • frank juelich - child care plus - india

    Frank has been in Nagpur, India since 1972 where he oversees two homes for orphaned children (one for boys and one for girls) in addition to two schools. A total of 1,000 children are under his care through the Child-CARE Plus program of the PAOC. www.frankjuelich.com


    Rainer has been recently appointed as the Regional Coordinator for Theological Education and Leadership Development (TELD) in SEA. He is now broadening his engagement to include other bible colleges and training initiatives in the region at various levels

  • Matthew & amber price - thailand - southeast asia

    Matthew and Amber just moved to Bangkok, Thailand in August 2016 to work with Imagine Thailand. Matthew oversees humanitarian efforts as the International Coordinator of Relief and Development and Amber will work to develop new leaders the Coordinator of Emerging Leaders.

  • karen reed - inner-city vancouver

    Karen is establishing a community house in in a strategic urban neighborhood that shapes Vancouver. This presence will be a base for ministry, offering the radical hospitality of Christ.

  • Christian Ministries to Central America

    Through their Training Center in the city of Trujillo, Honduras, CMCA equips teenaged girls with skills to improve their standard of living and Christian education to enable them to to help in their local churches. http://cmca.islandnet.com/

  • lifeline nanaimo

    This one-of-a-kind program provides a safe and supportive environment for students through school-based programs that includes food security, adult mentors and other critical resources.

    FIND OUT ALL ABOUT LIFELINE HERE: www.lifelinenanaimo.org

  • the child development centre

    Our annual "Sillyboat" team has had the distinction of both championship finishing and setting fundraising records. 

    To find out more about the Child Development Centre and the important work they do, click here: www.nanaimocdc.com